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Is it bad if I want her to be more sensitive?

I would say that I am a shy and also sensitive person. I have met a girl who shares the same personality as me but there is just one problem. Even though she is also shy, kind and honest, I wish that she could be more sensitive. I have noticed that she uses her intuition a lot of the time and she is not always right. She assumes that she can do things and I will somehow always get what she is after, even though I don't know her yet. We are not in a relationship and her behaviour has led to frustration and some misunderstandings. I would want her to be more understanding and sensitive, before she makes up her mind. However I don't know what to do or how to solve this.


@Guardian I am not sure, the moment we met for the first time, it felt like we were meant for each other and we both still like each other.

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    You cannot make someone more sensitive

    You accept people for whom they are

    or you stop seeing these people

    WHY ? Because they will never change

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    My question is? Why would you bother? You seem like a simpleton. Yet you're attached to someone that's not.

    Shouldn't you be around people who are less complicated?

    I think your resolution comes by being with your own kind of mellow simpleton people.

    Update: 😄 awwww.

    1. You can make her go sensitive by having a deep, heart to heart talk with her about how you feel. She probably has no clue. And you don't seem like the type to be very open about your emotional issues. -- Level with her.

    2. You can also make her go soft by being equally insensitive. Call her out on her bullshxt. AND DON'T BACK DOWN. -- If you want to play with fiesty girls, my friend... 🥴 you need to start speaking the language. Show her who's boss. ✊😎 And I just mean be stern when you feel she's wrong. Debate back and forth.

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