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Is it a bad idea to move out of your parents house without saving?

I recently graduated from college and want to move out of my parents house. I have a good paying job and am certain I can pay my rent as well as other bills and necessities. I make $30/hr and usually work 36hrs per week. My family is very dysfunctional and I’ve been wanting to move out for months now because the drama in the household is too much; I do not have much in my savings right now but I’m willing to take the risk and fend for myself. Any advice?

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  • Foofa
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    5 months ago

    If you can afford to set up your own place and are willing to live a spartan lifestyle so you can save while living independently, sure. But if this is going to mean living paycheck to paycheck indefinitely that's not a great plan. In the city where I live you'd pay paying at least half your income on rent alone and that's never a good idea.

  • 5 months ago

    Advice? Yes; do it. Good luck.

  • 5 months ago

    the fact that you make that much and still live with your parents, makes me wonder how you were never independent in the first place?

    I would of moved out of my parents place even if I didn't make as much as you or even if they weren't dysfunctional

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    You may support yourself, its very good and we all appreciate.

    But ensure that you stay with your parents, they would surely enjoy your company as a grown up responsible adult. Being with family is always a good feeling. Make the most of it.

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