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My Dad Never Talks About Anything But Grades? How Do I Get Him To Stop?

All my dad ever talks to me about is my grades and nothing else. Whenever he goes into my room I already know he's not going to ask about my day but rather what my grades are. Last year I got 2 Bs in junior year and he got upset with me. He tells me I should be dedicating 6 hours of each day to SAT prepping and constantly tells me to work on my college essays. How do I tell him to stop interfering with my life because he always tries to schedule every aspect of my school life.

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    Where is your mother? Perhaps she could intercede for you. Tell your father how this makes you feel and ask for what you want. He may or may not listen. It seems he's anxious about whether you'll be eligible to enter college? Is there a good reason? Are you doing the best you can do? That should be all anyone could ask of you, of course. There is always a way. If your grades or L-sat scores aren't high enough, you can still go to a junior college, no questions asked, and transfer over to a four year school when you finish your credits there. Tell him that his "overkill " is turning you off so much that you think its actually stopping you from performing at your highest level, which is probably the truth. Talk to your school counselor and ask them to intercede on your behalf. I think this might really be your best bet, in fact. Good luck and good wishes,

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    hes just trying to help you out, i would just be thankful you still have your dad around, wish i did

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    Sit on his face.

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    Write him a letter to express how you feel.

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