A soccer player can kick the ball 29 m on level ground, with its initial velocity at 42 ∘ to the horizontal.?

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  • NCS
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    6 months ago

    You haven't completed your question. You can use the Update feature to do that. But based on the data you've supplied, we can find the launch velocity using

    range x = V²sin(2Θ)/g

    29 m = V² * sin84º / 9.8m/s²

    solves to

    V = 16.9 m/s

    Now you can find other things, like

    a/ time of flight t = 2·V·sinΘ/g

    b/ max. height h = (V·sinΘ)² / (2g)

    c/ max range this player can kick the ball (assuming the launch speed is constant):

    X = V² / g

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