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Best way to control oily skin under makeup?

For my everyday makeup routine I usually just cover up a few of my past acne scars with some concealer. I get oily throughout the day and am wondering what I can do to fix that since the oil makes my makeup look cakey. I am thinking of buying Urban Decay's oil control setting spray and wondering if that would be enough along with the Too Faced matte powder? If not, what are some other things I can do?

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    Makeup starts with a base. So before adding any sort of liquid you have to start with a primer. I recommend the hydro grip primer by Milk it's silicone free, hydrating, and there is no oil. After putting on the primer I would go in with a setting powder. I know it's weird to go in with powder but trust me adding setting powder after primer really helps with keeping the oil at bay. Now go in with your normal routine and set it all with a good setting spray. I recommend Urban Decay De-Slick Oil-Control Setting Spray or the Mac fix plus.

    Source(s): I'm a makeup artist with oily skin myself :)
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    Primer and setting spray

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    matte makeup would be the way to go. you could also try oil sheets, and use an oil removing face wash. just make sure you moisturize because you don’t want to get too dry.

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