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could i stop vaping in time to save my health?

i have been vaping (njoy) for about 5 months on and off. i want to stop and i don’t really even get cravings. i’m scared i may have ruined my lungs. i’m 17, and i know i shouldn’t be doing this i really want to stop i just like when i get dizzy. i know it’s horrible to say but it’s just fun for me. i only hit it in the mornings and i wait hours before i hit it again. it gives me horrible headaches and makes me feel nauseous and that’s why i want to stop. i’m also concerned about my health i did a lot of research and it just scares me. am i too far in to stop? i don’t have any trouble breathing just headaches here and there and an upset stomach at times. other times it is fun for me but i am ready to stop. i tried stopping for a week and i didn’t get any cravings at all. i just keep going back to it because it’s something to do to pass the time or when i’m bored. i know it’s a really unhealthy and bad habit. any advice?

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  • 5 months ago

    While vaping is probably safer than smoking the longer term effects are still unknown to scientists. It may be that the nicotine and glycol carriers are well understood but a lot of the flavourings have been approved on the basis of ingestion and the effects of breathing them into the lungs is unknown. The flavourings aren't generally toxic but they may still be damaging to the lungs.

    In general its better to not breathe in anything you don't have to for the sake of your lungs.

  • 5 months ago

    If you stop your health will improve.

  • 5 months ago

    Just throw stupid thing in the garbage bin on the street .

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