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Moving away from children that are like my own?

I know moving away from siblings is a part of life, but where my situation differs is in our age gap. I am 22 and my 5 siblings range from 10 years to 1 year. The younger two children especially are like my own children to me and I have taken them on as my own in situations when times get tough on my mom. Although i am not moving out quite yet- I have so much anxiety about doing so in the next upcoming years. It feels like leaving my own children behind. What makes it worse is feeling like they won’t quite grasp why I am moving out and will feel like I am abandoning them. And no, my mother would never allow them to come with me. Has anyone ever gone through this? I’m at a loss- I am stressing so much now and it’s not even happening yet.

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    You should discuss this separation anxiety with a counselor because this kind of sibling overreach is very common in cases where one kid is way older or when there's a special needs child in the mix. Even though siblings caring for siblings used to be the norm in large families it's now recognized as a hindrance to the older children focusing on their own adult lives when it's time to do so.

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    you can always go visit thern

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    So, clearly, one way to resolve this is to arrange it so that when you do move out, you relocate as near as possible, so that you can continue to maintain contact with "your children". You didn't mention why things "get tough", or say anything about whether your mother is remarried , where her husband may be, or........? All this may have additional importance and you could write us again, with greater detail, in order to get a better reply. Good wishes,

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