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Do you think if I eat the brain of a smart person I become smart too?

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  • Jahal
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    1 year ago
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    Cannabalism occurred in 14th -18th century Europe, and later in Papua new Guinea. The results of eating people were documented:

    Headaches, tremors

    Loss of muscle coordination, inability to walk

    Then the final stages:

    Insanity, uncontrollable laughter

    Unable to sit up

    Unable to control bowels


  • 1 year ago

    You have been eating th dead bodies of birds and animals for some unknown time. Has this diet affected you ability to fly, lay an egg, or grow a thick wool coat for winter ?

    Food only feeds the body, you need education to feed the brain, and in your case this too may be a waste of effort. Find something you like, and just stick with it.

  • Ann
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    1 year ago

    If you eat the brain of another human, you run a very high risk of contracting a fatal disease, called "Kuru". It's similar to the bovine infection, "Mad Cow Disease".

  • kelvin
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    1 year ago

    no that is not how it works

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  • 1 year ago

    No, you won't. Intelligence is build through intelligent actions and thought patterns, and none include eating someone else's brain. Go study and learn about the world if you want to get smarter.

  • 1 year ago

    yes I do it is a write

  • Alfred
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    1 year ago

    a smart enough criminal, yes.

  • 1 year ago

    If I eat money will I become rich?

  • Anonymous
    1 year ago

    No. Cannibalism doesn't make you smarter.

    Never thought I'd have to write that sentence before...

  • Pearl
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    1 year ago

    no, that wouldnt be very srnart , you could go to jail for that

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