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Twin names for boy and girl?

I am having a boy and girl and would like some suggestions on names that are more on the traditional/old fashioned side. For the boy, we currently have Samuel, Peter or Isaac. The girl’s a bit tougher. Their siblings will be Rachel and Lydia.

Do you have any suggestions on names? Thank you so much!

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  • Anonymous
    6 months ago

    Issac and Isabelle

    Isaac and Anna

    Peter and Charlie (gender neutral)

    Peter and Eva

    Samuel and Sara(h)

    Samuel and Sophia

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  • 6 months ago

    From your choice of names, it seems traditional/old fashioned points toward biblical names.

    I'll start with the girls. Seems you like strong, yet feminine names. Let's began

    Anna/Hannah- gracious/full of grace/mercy (Luke 2/1 Sam)

    Adah/Ada- adornment (Gen 4)

    Calah/Kalah (kay-lah)- a city (Gen 10:11)

    Chloe- blooming/verdant (1 Cor 1:11)

    Delilah- delicate (Judg 16)

    Julia- youth (Rom 16)

    Leah- gazelle (Gen 29)

    Lily- the flower (Song of Sol 2)

    Mara/Marah- bitter/sorrow (Ruth 1/Exod 15)

    Mariam- debated meaning- sea of sorrow - rebellion - wished for child (Exod 6)

    Sarah- princess (Gen 11)

    Susannah- lily/rose (Luke 8)

    Now for the boys. Lets start with your top picks

    Samuel- heard of God/the Lord has listened (1 Sam 1:20)

    A good strong name with staying power,

    Isaac- laughter (Gen 21)

    it's ok, a little softer. I know a little boy named this and he isn't a pleasant little thing to say the least. So I'm not fond of the name as it has that connection for me.

    Peter- rock/stone (found throughout the gospels and Peter was a missionary who wrote many New Testament books)

    I'd be wary of this name. As nice as it is, it is also a playground name for a man's... um, genitals. Bullying and mockery may result.

    Let's address more options

    Aaron- the exalted one (Exod 4)

    Alexander- defender or helper of mankind (Mark 15:21)

    Andrew- manly (John 6)

    Benjamin- son of the right hand (Gen 35)

    Caleb- faithful (Num 13, 32)

    Daniel- God is my judge (the book of Daniel, Old Testament)

    Elias- variant of Elijah- Jehovah is God (1 Kings)

    Gideon- hewer/one who cuts down (Judg 6)

    Jacob- seizing by the heal/supplanting (Gen 25-49)

    James- seizing by the heal/supplanting (throughout the gospels)

    Jason- to heal (Acts 17)

    Luke- derived from Lucas, debated meaning- light - man from Lucania (author of the books Luke ant Acts)

    Malachi- my messenger (author of the book Malachi, Old Testament)

    Mark- debated meaning- war like - manly - soft/tender (author of one of the gospels)

    Silas- asked for (Acts 16)

    Thomas- a twin (Matt 10)

    Tobiah/Tobias- the Lord is good/God is good (Neh 2)

    Luke and Hannah or

    Sarah and Andrew are my two favorite combinations.

    I know it's a lot, but hopefully helps some!

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  • sorcha
    Lv 4
    6 months ago

    Rachel, Lydia....

    ...Isaac and Clara;

    Isaac and Maria;

    Isaac and Julia;

    Isaac and Ellen;

    Isaac and Flora;

    Isaac and Edith;

    Isaac and Norah;

    Jude and Emma;

    Henry and Clara;

    Ezra and Cora;

    Benjamin and Meredith;

    Theodore and Tessa;

    Oscar and Isobel;

    George and Eleanor;

    Alastair and Susanna;

    Arthur and Beatrice;

    Myles and Rita;

    Marc and Cora,

    Laurence and Elaine;

    Jesse and Jayne;

    Stuart and Helena;

    Vincent and Kathryn;

    Oscar and Flora;

    Leo and Ava;

    Elliott and Amelia;

    Peter and Louisa;

    Peter and Beth;

    Peter and Eliza;

    Peter and Tessa;

    Peter and Ellen;

    Peter and Hannah;

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  • Anonymous
    6 months ago

    I suggest they stay away from the same letter

    Issac is an awesome name! One of my favorites

























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  • 6 months ago

    Samuel and Savanna

  • Moya
    Lv 7
    6 months ago

    Samuel &Scarlet

    Samuel & Shiloh

    Samuel& Jade

    Samuel & Amelia

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  • Anonymous
    6 months ago

    Taylor & Tyler

    Hayden & Jayden

    Jacob & Hannah

    Emily & Erin or (aaron)

    Jayden & Mikayla

    Adriana & Alexander (alex & ana for short)

    Taylor & Trevor

    Robert & Rebecca

    Kaylie & Kyle

    Emily & Eric

    Luke & Leia

    Luke & Leah

    Aaron and Alannah.

    Derek & Danielle

    Stephen & Sarah

    Ryan & Rose

    Nathan & Nikki

    Mitchell & Makayla

    Jonathan & Joann(joe-ann)

    Mike & Melrose



    Katie & Ryan

    Carmen & George

    Britney & Brian

    Ariel & Aaron

    April & Alex

    Steve & Stephanie

    Cameron & Candice

    Roderick & Reba

    Casey & Dave

    Kristopher & Krystal

    Jordan & Joshlynn

    Max & Marissa

    Dakota(girl) & Drew(boy)

    Simon & Sam

    Destiny & John

    Kelly & Katelynn

    Madison & Alan

    Ashley & Blair,

    Donovan & Dana

    Justin & Julie

    Frankie & Grace

    Lance & Lilly

    Noel(boy) & Navada(girl)

    Rene(ra-nay) & Reghan(ray-gen)

    Shayla & Shawn

    Cory & Alana

    Sophie Mae & Ronald

    Kimberly & David

    Tiffany & Michael

    Mikayla & Jamont

    Tyla & Tyler

    Jaime Lynn & Izzy Daniels

    Henry Micheal & Jayla

    Destiny & Don

    Steve & Myrtle

    Blake & Georgia

    Alexis & Anthony

    Kayla & Da'wan

    Jaylan & Tykeira

    Kira & Matthew

    Matthew & Ashely

    Karmen & Cameron

    Katie & Josh Harris

    Eddie & Ella

    Michelle & Michael

    Janet & Jackson (lol)

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  • 6 months ago

    Samuel & Sarah

    Samuel & Abigail

    Peter & Penelope

    Peter & Therese

    Isaac & Isabelle

    Isaac & Hannah

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  • 6 months ago

    I suggest names that at least start with the same first letter.

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  • blank
    Lv 7
    6 months ago

    For a boy I really like Samuel.

    For a girl I like the name Catherine.

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