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Want to go back to college at 26/27, how to afford it?

I have an associate’s degree, want to finish, but it’s expensive.

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    Do you work. See if your employer has a program that helps you with going back to college. I know Walmart has a program for employees that wants to better themselves by going back to college.

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    5 months ago

    consider community college which offer four year degree, where they offer classes at the evening, so you can work part time or full time during the day, many people do this to make college affordable. first, contact the student finance department of your chosen college to see what loans might be available to you.

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    5 months ago

    Work while you go to school.

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    Do you qualify for a student loan? Many people go to school part-time and work part-time. Others work all day long and go to night school. It will keep you busy for 2 or 4 years, maybe more but, you won't regret it when it is all over and you have a good degree that will allow you to earn a good living.

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  • Anonymous
    5 months ago

    My husband's ex-wife got her Bachelor's going to college part-time while working full time and raising a child. It took her 16 years... I think she started when she was 24. Most semesters she took one class, sometimes two and sometimes none.

    Can you find a 4 year college that will give you credit for the classes you took to get your Associate's degree? Then just get started! Around here universities charge around $1000 for one 3 credit hour class. Increase what your employer withholds for taxes so you get a big tax return check and then use that to take your first class. The friend of my neighbor got her degree that way as well, taking just 1-2 classes per semester. It may seem to take forever but there is an end in sight and you can avoid student loans that way.

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