At what point should I seek employment in the new city to which I am moving?

I am moving to a new major city .

It is only July 21st . However, I am not moving until Sept 1st .

I do already have two job interviews lined up . One interview is on Aug 29th and the other on Aug 30th .

Do I need to continue applying for more jobs , incase the two interviews which I have , are not successful , and I need something to fall back on?

Or should I wait closer to my move date

( Lets say 3 weeks before I get ready to move) before I search for more jobs?

If a hiring manager called me tomorrow , and offered me to come in for an interview. I would think that they would not be willing prolong the interview for 5 whole weeks for me. And that I'd simply be passed up for the job.

I have been searching and applying through

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  • 5 months ago

    That depends on how long you can afford to be unemployed after you move. If you need to start work ASAP, then you should continue to apply for positions and field inquires. There will be employers who won't be able to wait six weeks to fill a portion and others that will. Never stop applying for jobs until you have accepted a written offer.

  • Kyle
    Lv 7
    5 months ago

    i would look at too. or even LinkedIn. ive had success there getting interviews and got my job via glassdoor. they hare more specific search tools on the job you want, industry, salary estimates, location, etc.

    you can always inform your interviewer of your intent to move and when. tell them early on. that way you're not wasting each others time if they can't do anything for you and need someone now.

    if you submit resumes, you can put your current location at the top like you do now, and just put a note saying you intend to the area on such date. a lot of applications online will even ask you for your start date too. so put a date you want for when you're moved in and ready to work.

  • 5 months ago

    You should be sending resumes as many as you can, like 500 is a round figure. Have enough different resumes, to cover the jobs available. Then cold calling one week later, to all of the above. If a company wants you, the different jobs should not matter. But don't notify until you've gotten about ten solid call backs. Then seal the interviews, and start narrowing the field.

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