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Pregnant with my brother?

He's 22, I'm 18. We went through a really **** time when we were kids and had to share a bed after our mum moved out with us. We were just kids and touching each other felt fine back then, like playing doctor. It just carried on. I really love the support I feel with him. After a while we were split up, he moved in with Da and I went into care. I had a boyfriend, but we broke because it just never felt the same with him. I also had a thing with a girl in a placement, same story. When I was 16 I moved back in with him, and we've been sleeping together almost every day ever since. It just feels like all the dark **** melts away when I'm with him.

Anyway, now I'm pregnant, I think about 6 weeks. I know its a huge problem but neither of us have got **** all else, no GCSE's, no jobs, no family worth **** outside of Poland. I just can't face sucking it out and killing it, also Catholic so a little issue there, not that that aspect bothers me to much. But obviously we can't have a baby. I'm too scared to tell him in case he gets angry, I said I missed my period cause of eating problems, but he's gonna notice soon. I'd just rather kill myself than deal with it, and I don't know how to carry on.

Any help, or just kind words, I'd be so grateful

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  • Anonymous
    1 year ago

    So, what's your knowledge seeking question?

    Trolling is a violation here.

  • Anonymous
    1 year ago

    Shithead...stop being such a TROLL. I don't believe a WORD of this crap. If this is at all true on ANY level...immediately terminate the pregnancy. It is nothing more than a BLOOD CLOT at this point.

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