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How do white moderates feel that the left is using identity politics that will make them a hated minority in their own country?

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    They hate it, the only whites who vote Democrat are far-left radicals who hate themselves and hate America.

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    Whites will not be any minority, the far left has just ton socialist in their adjenda.

    Too many real Americans supporting the constitution for any rollover and that is not about identity.

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    1. The vast majority of Americans are still white; they won't become a minority any time soon.

    2. If they did, why are you scared..? Because you'll be treated the way society treats minorities, now..?

    3. The left asking the people at large to recognize that racism, sexism and homophobia all still exist does not mean they HATE white people. Most leftists are white people.

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    5 months ago

    Since 2016, the GOP has done, tried to, or promised to:

    - pass three separate voter ID laws that got struck down for deliberately targeting minorities (TX, WI, NC)

    - pass a ban that keeps Muslims from certain countries out of the US

    - pass a law that says it's okay to fire people for being gay

    - kick trans people out of the military for some reason

    It is "the right" that is trying to pass laws based on people's ethnicity, religion, and sexual orientation. You know, their identities.

    Then when liberals say "hey, don't do that", the right shrieks about identity politics.

    The right is the side of identity politics. They just never try to target the identity of "straight white people", so you don't care.

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      Oh this should be good. Please elaborate.

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  • 5 months ago

    It's your story dude (actually I assume it's a Fox story that you've decided to parrot), why don't you tell us how we feel.

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