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Has breastfeeding for anything to do with how long your baby sleeps and if he will be put down alone?

My breastfed baby is 6 months now but from the very first day he has been quite clingy.. he loves people and will happily go to them but when it comes to sleeping and feeding I have to do it. Also ge

He did not like to be put down the first 2 months. People make me feel guilty and think that if i gave formula he would behave different is this true.

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    Do not feel guilty and ask those people to kindly buzz off. You appreciate their input, but you are the mother and ultimately the final say. You know your baby better than anyone and you will know when to start weaning off of whatever you think he doesn`t need to continue. I would not worry until around 18 months.

  • Pippin
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    Make you 'feel guilty' for what, exactly? What is there to feel guilty about? You are giving your baby the best possible food. You have a strong bond with him. He is secure enough to go to other people, knowing that mama will still be there.

    What exactly is WRONG with any of that?

  • LizB
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    Some babies are just higher needs than others and *need* to be held all the time, and method of feeding makes very little difference. My son was part breastfed part bottle fed since he was 3 days old (had no choice, severe medical issues impacted my milk supply), and he had to be rocked to sleep until he was 2. My daughter on the other hand got only breastmilk her first several months, and should *would not* let me rock or snuggle her to sleep. She usually got put down awake because she was just so squirmy. She's 15 months old now, still gets put down awake and puts herself to sleep.

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    No, not true at all, but it's quite easy to feel very pleased that your baby wants only you to feed him, and it can tempt you to go on doing it for too long. Babies can and do manipulate you. So don't fall for that. Look to get him weaned within a sensible amount of time, or you could end up with a separation problem.

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  • Anonymous
    1 year ago

    Every baby is different and every baby behaves differently.

    It is impossible to determine if your baby's behavior would be any different if he were formula fed or not. He may still be exactly the same even with formula.

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