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How to make money as a busy teen?

I do dance outside of school and am wondering how to make some money to help pay for all the things that I need for dance (pointe shoes, leotards, fees etc.) . I still attend full time school and dance most days of the week, so can't get a proper job. What are some ways that i can earn some money to help my parent's pay for my dance?

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    I had a part time job as a waitress for a short while when I was in the second last year of secondary/high school, but since you implied that you have a busy schedule that might take up quite some time unless you can get a job in a restaurant with working hours that are suitable for you. You can also consider sales or call centre jobs if practical, and also stock-keeping, grocery bagging et cetera.

    The first thing I can think of that might not require as much time is tutoring and maybe dog walking. You can also see whether anybody would be willing to hire a teenager for jobs to do with childcare, elderly care, care for people with special needs et cetera, but these types of part-time jobs might take up more time.

    I'm sure there are other jobs out there for teens as well; you can look up part time jobs for busy teenagers on the Internet and ask people and organisations whether they have available part-time jobs with flexible or limited hours.

    Be sure to check the laws about work regulations for teenagers too.

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