Why is my landlord still trying to evict me ?

Ok so I’ve been living in this one bedroom apartment for almost 2 years. Landlord forgot to make me sign a lease in the beginning and then tried to have me sign it two month after I already moved in. I denied and ever since he’s hated me. Anyway I got myself a pet cat which he found out about and told me I had to get rid of which i did. EXCEPT after getting rid of my cat I noticed mice. All the time. It wasn’t just me noticing them but my neighbors as well. I had enough of it and got another cat and the mice problem went away. ( I think mice just avoid anywhere near the apartment where there’s a feline) well he happened to see my new cat at the window sends me a text telling me I evicted I said you’ll have to take me to court. Fast forward a month and I go the official eviction notice from his lawyer telling me I had to be out by the 16th of June. June 16 passes and I’m still here waiting for a court date. Now I’m that time I’ve gotten a letter from my psych claiming my cat is an emotional support animal and I’ve told him but he refuses to reply to my texts. He’s stopped accepting my payments since May and it’s really confusing me. Is he going to still try and evict me because of my cat? I’m also a model tenant I clean around the building , hallways everything

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  • 5 months ago
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    Your story is so full of stuff that can't be true, if there is no lease. If you never signed a lease at the start, you are month to month. If he asked you two months later to sign a lease and you refused, you are still month to month.

    When you are month to month, it means he doesn't have to evict you. He can simply give you the state-required advance notice to vacate, and that's it. He doesn't need a reason. Paying rent on time means nothing. Getting a letter that says your cat is an ESA means nothing. If gives you 30 days notice to vacate in a 30-day state, you vacate. If you don't, then you can be evicted.

    So something else is going on here.

  • 5 months ago

    You fix a mouse problem with various mouse control methods, not bring in a cat when you KNOW your landlord verbally stated that there are no pets allowed.

    I am shocked that your brain function is not sufficient enough to realize why you are getting evicted. You had better be saving your refused rent checks because you still will owe that money to the landlord when all is said and done.

    Too bad you refused to sign that lease because that would have protected you from eviction if you just did not get that cat and took care of the mouse problem in other ways.

    Get the hell out of there, you are not wanted, you are a rule breaker and a terrible tenant. Move on.

  • 5 months ago

    You are so full of crap your breath stinks like a troll died in it.

  • Anonymous
    5 months ago

    I would just use the one word but it will not allow short replies now so BULLSHIT

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  • 5 months ago

    Contact the court and see if he started an eviction process. If so, then you still have a day in court to fight the eviction. ANd you might have a chance to counter sue.

    IN the meantime, still continue to pay rent every month, via certified mail with proof of signature

    • STEVEN F
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      You have a day in court, but ZERO legal grounds.

  • 5 months ago

    Since you refused to sign a lease you are a month to month tenant and he can evict you for any reason. Don't be surprised if you come home one day and find that the locks have been changed.

  • 5 months ago

    You have no lease. All they have to do is issue a notice to vacate and you are required to go. You go to court, you lose.

    Your cat being an emotional support animal doesn't matter. You lose.

    Just move, you are going to lose in court and then have a judgement for all the back rent, etc.

  • 5 months ago

    If you don't have a signed written lease, you are legally renting month to month. In that case, the ONLY requirement is giving you ONE month's notice your rental is being terminated. If you fail to leave, the ONLY think the landlord has to prove is you were given notice and didn't leave.

  • 5 months ago

    You seem to be asking if he still is going forward with the eviction. I do not know his thoughts and have not discussed it with him. Without a lease your tenancy can be terminated on 30 days notice, without any cause. If cause was required, getting cats twice was a breach. Getting a letter later does not change that.

    • SimplytheFACTS
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      notice laws vary....and in rent control and NJ, CANNOT terminate tenancy just because there is no current lease....

  • 5 months ago

    Because you wouldn't sign a lease and because you got a cat.

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