Question about connecting my laptop computer to my 4k tv to watch movies.?

I have movies stored on my computers harddrive and I'm connecting it to my 4k tv. Playback is fine except the picture will stutter a little bit. I'm watching at the right resolution for the tv and I'm watching at full screen. I also have the hardware accelerator turned on in the media player. What can I do to achieve a smoother playback?

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  • Bill-M
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    5 months ago

    Does the movie play OK on the Laptop by itself?? (not plugged into the TV).

    I use VLC Media Playing to watch videos on my laptop.

    If the videos play OK on the laptop using VLC Media Player, just use a HDMI cable to connect Laptop to TV. On the TV Input select the HDMI Port you plugged the laptop into.

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  • 5 months ago

    Make sure all your drivers TV included are up to date - is your wifi up to the required transfer rate.

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  • 5 months ago

    Hello and thank you for your question!

    In order to achieve a smooth playback you need to make sure both your laptop and your TV have HDMI 2.0+. This will enable up to 4K 60Hz. Any modern laptop with at least an Intel 6 series integrated graphics should be good for 4K playback.

    Another thing to keep in mind is the movie files themselves. If you are streaming them from a hard drive, the files could become corrupted depending on how the movie was downloaded, this is usually the case with torrented files since they are "seeded" from multiple users. Another potential cause is the speed of the drive which could affect playback. I recommend that you attempt to play them from an SSD or other form of flash media as the transfer speeds are much faster.

    To test that it's not your HDMI cable itself, attempt to play a 4K Blu ray with a blu ray player if one is available. Blu Ray discs will always provide the better quality as opposed to streaming. I hope these suggestions help you narrow down the issue and you can achieve the smoother playback you need!

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  • 5 months ago

    get a higher end hdmi cable

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