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What the most important major in Golf is it the USA open?

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    In terms of prestige, it is probably The Masters. In terms of money, the U.S. Open has the largest payout.

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  • 7 months ago

    The Masters is arguably the most important.

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  • Bob
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    7 months ago

    To me it's the US open, and the reason why is because it's the hardest to win, and if anyone disagrees, all you need to consider is this: The US open in the second oldest major,only the British open, or the open championship as some call it is older, and yet no one has won more than 4 US opens, the record for the Masters is 6 and at the PGA championship, the record is 5,at the British open, the record is 6.

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  • Depends who you ask. It's definitely not the USPGA Championship, which leaves the Masters, the US Open, and the Open Championship.

    The Masters is an invitational event with the smallest field of any major. It's well known because it's the first one of the year and always held at the same venue. Revered for its timelessness.

    The US Open is America's national championship, which doesn't mean s*** to people outside of America.

    The Open is the Open Championship. It has the most diverse field in terms of participation by nations, and it's run by the R&A who aren't obsessed with protecting a score. The one.

    Unless you're American, is the US Open really that important? I think if you ask Americans they'll say The Masters or the US Open. Go outside America and it's either the Open Championship or The Masters.

    For me, it's the Open. Global recognition, and being The Champion Golfer of the Year. It's the one.

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