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What should I do? Should I move out ASAP or stay at home for a few extra months?

I've just graduated from university, and I will have enough money to move out after September (About 4 months rent), which will hopefully be enough time for me to secure a job.

I'm at home now and I am earning a minimum wage income, but I have no expenses as my parents aren't charging me rent.

The problem is my mum is borderline emotionally abusive. She says, I'm a disappointment, a moron, big-headed, and calls me gay because I haven't had a girlfriend in a year. She also said she wouldn't love me if I didn't do 'well'; whatever well means...

Should I stick around a few more months to November so I can ensure my standard of living isn't rice and beans or should I move out ASAP in September?

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    You need to have a job paying about 3x the rent gross income per month as well as a savings of about 5x the rent before you even THINK about moving out.

    Many landlords will not rent to young 1st time renters and those that do typically require a bigger deposit or a cosigner so you have to be ready to pay all those move in costs. You also need to have cash on hand to buy furniture & other things you need.

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    No landlord will rent to you without proof of sufficient income, so you'll need to sort the job first.

  • Can you stay with a friend or relative in the meantime.

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    Stay where you are, schedule as much time away from your mother as you possibly can, save up more money (4 months is not nearly enough to put you on solid footing) and try to find a non-minimum wage job. Be honest with yourself - if you sign a one-year lease and don't find that job, infour months, you wil be broke, crawling back to your patents and still have a debt (the rent) hanging over your head).

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