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Should Americans black and white be required to learn spanish? In 25 years or so the single largest group in America will be hispanics?

We need to prepare our kids for the future, for when the hispanics take over america.

Learn Spanish!

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    spanish is probably one of the best languages to learn. all over the globe, you find native spanish speakers anywhere. in some places where spanish is NOT the national language, spanish is even necessary to live. i mean try going to miami without speaking spanish

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    VIVA LOS ESTADOS UNITOS de HISPANIA NORTE !! {I have heard the interim flag will read "Tread on me."}

    Source(s): American veterans are already rolling over in their graves.
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    It will become a requirement soon enough - and I think it is a good thing. Learning a second language has been shown to very beneficial for young people, especially 6-10 year olds.

  • 5 months ago

    Real sound ed reasoning, DUDE! like- yer POLITICS is un-learning.

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