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Should I Stop Running (at least until I'm in a more healthy place)?

I hate running. I'll just say it. So much so that it's honestly hard for me to tell at first what is normal pain and what is unhealthy pain. However, I am not in a healthy enough place right now to do Anything else. Even with running I still weigh, at best, average, at worst, somewhat above average (170 at 5'9.5 height). I eat A lot, because there is no other way to get around my nothing schedule right now (I don't currently have a job, nor any other responsibility to keep me out of my head), so I eat out at least 5 days a week..For a while, since October, I was running (these are all rough estimate) 55 minutes 5 days a week, with a 9 minute warm up from the 1-3 miles per hours (about 15-30 seconds each interval), 22 or so minutes of it being in the 4mph (3 minutes per interval, except 5.7 and 8 where I do 1, then back to 3 for .9) , about 15 minutes at 5-5.5mph (at 3 minutes per interval), and a 5 minute run from 5.5-8.8 (don't ask me how I came up with that, it was a weird trial and error). It had been causing me a lot of pain, but until I was forced to take a break from it I was able to tune it out..If I am to At all compensate for my disgusting eating habits I shouldn't do much less, but it is causing me daily injury whenever I go back...It honestly feels like it is may be causing more harm to my body than if I were to just be disgusting...Should I quit until I'm in a better place, or deal with the pain?

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    I suggest you consult with your family doctor. There may be depression issues to deal with, in addition to whatever is causing the pain.

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    You might benefit from changing your diet to a plant-based diet and walking instead. If you aren't familiar with what a plant-based diet is then just Google it. try to find some articles or videos by Dr. John McDoogle. He does a good job of explaining it and why it is good for losing weight.

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      I can't even be trusted to make a basic new decision right now.. Keeping my current diet, as unhealthy as it is, is necessary for my happiness..I hope when I get a job and I am clear headed I can look into it, right now I want the better of two evils; what is healthier between the two.

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    keep working toward ur goals and what makes u happy

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      I do really appreciate the sentiment :), I mean it..However, happiness isn't quite an option yet, in my current situation (I have no ability to see what may make me happy when I am in a better place)..I need insight on what is the healthiest. Be 220 lbs, or degrade my muscles and joints into mush?

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