Did 80 for 22 miles, got of, then, my L hand cramped up. Couldn't pry thumb loose for 10 minutes? What's wrong?

Hurt like Holey Ned, too. I an 62 and have

RA. Could it be sciatica? I went 280 miles at 60 a few weeks ago, was tired afterward, but not This. Am I too old to ride?


This was in Motorcycles. Have '06 Harley, rubber-mounted engine. Vibration really not That bad.

Update 2:

My bad; I mean I rode 280 miles in two stretches at 80 mph in early June.

Update 3:

Age? IDK . Not necessarily in itself. Burty Munro went 202 at 62 Many still surf at 64. Many still box, too. I have 'Nam vet friends, still ride at 68. Retirement age is 66. Many 14 yo Kids think: "40" is Old Age..

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    6 months ago

    Age, no more, no less

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