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I've had pink eye for over a month?

So pretty much I'm a kid in high school who at the end of the year contracted pink eye in which wasn't that big of a deal at first. I went to the doctor and got my Medicine prescribed but I used it up too quickly and was trying to get a refill but couldn't. Since then my eyes are no longer pink but they consistently get eye mucus (does this mean something other then pink eye?) I tried using alternative things like eye drops, aloe Vera, and other anti bacterial products but nothing has seemed to work. I'd tell my mother but she's a total loose cannon and would be pissed too know I still have pink eye. Thanks, hope some of you could help!


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  • carrie
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    6 months ago

    Your eyes are precious, go and see your doctor for the correct antibacterial drops. Don't use anything other than the correct prescription drops in your eyes

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