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Tiffany or Keira?

Which name do you prefer and why

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    Both are great names! I personally prefer Tiffany because of its amazing meaning and history.

    Tiffany, now considered a name of the 80s, is actually an early English Medieval form of the Greek female name Theophania, which means “God appears”, being composed of the Greek elements, θεος (theos), meaning, “God” and φανης (phanes), meaning “appears.”

    The name was usually bestowed upon girls born on the feast of the Epiphany (January 6), which celebrates when the Three Wise Men visited the Christ Child.

    The name was popular in Medieval England and fell out of usage, being introduced into England via the Normans in the form of Tiphaine.

    Despite some of the connotations listed above in other answers, Tiffany is actually also associated with luxury and wealth (think Breakfast at Tiffany's and the actual Tiffany and Co.). In my experience, all the Tiffanys I have met are

    1) Not Blonde

    2) Not Dumb

    3) Not Cheap

    4) Not Ditzy

    5) Not in their 40s

    In fact, my name is Tiffany and I don t fit any of those connotations. I am in my 20s, olive-skinned, dark-haired, and well educated. Most people I meet tell me that they love my name and think it is very feminine and elegant.

    Good luck choosing!

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    I prefer Tiffany out of those two.

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    I prefer the sound of Tiffany.

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    Tiffany is fine. Keira sounds like a disease. If you are sold on it use it as a middle name.

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    Either is fine, but I perfer Keira.

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      But why Jade ? .....The asker wanted to know WHY ..... You wouldn't want her to name her my little pony that and not know WHY .

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    Keira sounds more modern. A lot of Tiffanys are now in their 40s.

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    Keira would be my personal opinion of a better name. Tiffany is a name that is stereotyped and given to mainly white chicks. While the name itself is super cute, I believe that, (which I can only assume from the lack of context) if you were to name a child or compare these two names to people you know, think about the history of the name. I’m not talking about where it originated from, no no no.. I’m saying think about how this name will affect the person with it. Tiffany is a name that’s often shat upon. Pardon my language. Many people are quick to assume that Tiffany is someone who is blonde, white, uneducated, says like in every sentence, etc etc etc.

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