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How can I be good enough for Oxford?

I want to study medicine, but I don't know if my grades are good enough. My GPA is a 3.7, and I'm taking 7 AP's this year. I wanted to stand out in some way, so I decided to be in a Speech and Debate team. I can also volunteer in a hospital this year, so that might help. I don't really know what to do, since I'm American and can't ask others for advice on studying abroad.

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    Here is how to do it. Forget about Oxford. You will run into state licensing issues when you get a foreign medical degree and you will have to retake exams and redo the residency. Look for a regionally accredited US university ideally in the state you want to practice that grants medical degrees with lowest tuition and admission criteria that is reasonable that you can meet. Some universities have dual Premed/MD degrees so those can save you time and money. If you go after name brands, it will jeopardize your ultimate goal. Be frugal and take the slowest but steady approach that will get you the job you want someday. After you become a doctor, people want come to you just because you have a degree from Oxford.

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    Oxford looks for passion in the subject you wish to study. They will not be interested in your Speech and Debate activities. If Medicine is what you plan to read, they will look to see what you have done in this field BEYOND the requirements of your secondary school. There is a face to face interview. They will want to know where your medical interests lie.

    British universities are about depth not width. They want to be sure that you can meet the intellectual challenges they will throw at you. 7 APs will not impress them. Volunteering is ok as long as this has a purpose beyond just being something to decorate your application which they will pick up in an instant.

    Your GPA per se is not as important. The people I know who were accepted to Oxford all had tons of potential but were not necessarily top of their class. You might find this helpful

    Finally you will be able to stay and work as a doctor in the UK if you also do your foundation years and qualify as a GP here. What will be harder is getting a US residency. I have a Korean Oxford grad friend who did this recently. She had to go through the 3 USMLE equivalency exams which took her about a year.

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    You won’t be able to stay in the UK and work. And you won’t be qualified to be a medical doctor in the USA.

    Information to apply is on the school’s web site.

    You need to apply, be accepted, prove you can pay all costs to attend , then apply for a student visa. You will not qualify for financial aid or student loans

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    Look on the Oxford university website - their entry requirements, and information on applications, are there.

    Grades aside - can you afford to study abroad? Medicine in the UK is an undergrad course, and as an international student you'll be paying high fees and need to prove you can afford to live and study there to get a visa

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    What's wrong with attending an university with a medical program in the US?

    Advancing towards medical school is extremely tough.

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    Oxford University has a website, have you read it, there are also helplines. There are also other medical schools in the UK. Why do you want to study here when you have to return home afterwards? Getting a degree from a British University does not give you the right to remain here.


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