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Car wreck and I’m at fault?

So this is a long story but please bear with me. I am 19 and got married to the love of my life who ended up abusing me and never getting a job which forced me to pay all of his bills. Once I decided to leave I became homeless living in a van with some of my belongings in it which he soon took away. I had to couch surf or sleep in the Walmart parking lot. I finally just got back in my feet and I live with my parents so at least it’s a home. But as I was driving the light turned yellow and I was turning left and the other girl was going straight. She switched lanes and hit me in the intersection. No I know in the eyes of the law I’m at fault but now I have these citations to pay: Not having insurance, not being registered, and not yielding to traffic) and on top of all of that her insurance company is gonna call me and probably bill me for all of that too. Is there anything I can do I can’t even afford to get myself a new car. No one was injured but I’m sure I’m going to be homeless again after this and in debt with no way of saving money and I’m only 19

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    I hope you don't mind living with mommy and daddy because it will be a long time before you'll pay off this debt.

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    Not having insurance and not being registered is your own fault. She was going straight and, even on a yellow light, that gives her 100% of the right of way.

    There is nothing you can do to change what happened and what you were charged with. You will be found at fault and if you don't pay, you will be sued. Injuries aren't the only cost. Her insurance company isn't going to want to foot the bill for the damages to the car, etc etc. They don't care about your situation, that's the reality of it. I suggest you look for a second job and start saving up.

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    Everything you claim happened in LESS than a year would take AT LEAST 2 years to be remotely plausible.

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      I never said the times or how long ago it happened so how do you know?

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