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Am I being abused?

Today I ended up getting in a talk with my mom and she believes that my boyfriend is abusive. He doesn t really talk to me, yet he does with everyone else, he almost always makes inappropriate sexual jokes (and even goes around saying things like that despite never having sex and me not being interested in such, im asexual) and will tell people graphic imagery of "things I do to myself",aka making me look sex obsessed/porn addict, he gets upset/jealous if I hangout with my male bestfriend (and I believe he ignores me more if I do), he constantly belittles certain people and he will commonly yell at them and tell me I shouldn t hang around them for whatever reason. He used to be my bestfriend and never acted like this and wasn t really like this when we started dating but as time goes on I only feel its getting worse. I only see it as his sense of humor and his personality but my mom is starting to think otherwise. Wouldn t this be just normal teenage boy behavior?

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    6 months ago

    This is not normal teenage boy behaviour, this sounds out of hand. And I wouldn't just say you are being abused, but rather, he is abusive. Sounds like when he gets comfortable he gets inappropriate and even more so. Your mom must be horrified at the things she's hearing. I have a young daughter and I can't imagine some guy saying those things about her. You are worth much more than that, he's putting your sexuality down, that's so rude and disrespectful. I know it's hard to see it from your mom's perspective but imagine a bestie of yours being treated by her boyfriend like that. It all sounds embarrassing and cringe-worthy. I hope you see that this guy is bad news

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