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Is the universe predetermined? If not and its more random, doesn't the randomness still follow rules and limits?

If so is it not both predetermined and random?


God throws dice but his dice only have so many sides and in a way that makes the universe very predetermined anyway to a large extent?

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    Nothing is predetermined, not even our future.

  • it is not random..... there are functions that were put in place by The Creator God which keep the universe in order.... in that sense you could say some things are predetermined...... but if you are saying in the sense that God knows the future..... no it is not

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    The Universe does have rules and limits, but that does not mean it is predetermined. For example, you can't violate the law of non-contradiction. A dog can't be a dog and not be a dog simultaneously. That law of logic does nothing to predetermine the universe.

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    The universe is neither predetermined nor random. Look up chaos theory for an explanation of why.

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    well everything follows rules (expcept trump), but i guess laws on graviy,, light speed, dark speed(not real),are all variable, the only thing for sure in the universe is, life(were here) death(hese coming) and taxes(there coming), and people are always working on ways to break those rules

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    You can only roll a six sided die onto one of its six sides. Universals, are closely related to deterministic ideas. Such as the universal, "All living things require consumption of energy to have motion." Its a model within a predetermined architecture, within parameters supporting the existence of random events. So snow will fall according to law, but will take shape in flakes according to unbound chaos.

    This is just in theory at least -- nothing in stone.

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    If it was predetermined it'd have a predeterminer which would be as ridiculous as there being a god cos who made that?

    To say it was always there makes a whole new set of problems setting aside the fact you can only get to a god via Special Pleading as in, everything needs a cause EXCEPT god.

    It's ludicrius.

    So it's something else other than predetermined.

    You might think the only alternative is random but it might be something else.

    Best answer is, dunno 😎


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    1 year ago

    God created the universe. Before that, it was an idea in his mind.

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