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Yard flatten and some other questions about backyard?

So, we have a basketball court in the backyard of our home. The basketball court is the only flat land in the back, then the rest is a hill. We are considering getting a pool. I have some questions.

1. Who would I hire to flatten it? (Like What job)

2. What would be the average cost for that?

3. If we just flattened it and did not get a pool for a while it is required we need a fence?

4. How much would a pool cost?

5. Do we need a fence with a pool?

6. Do we need to let the town know before we start?

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    You are talking about major excavation along with truckloads of fill to create a leveled lot. All to eventually dig it out for an in-ground pool. Making the job even more expensive than it needs to be. If you are going to be installing a pool, you may as well do all of the fill work at the same time, otherwise you are certain to be adding a great deal of money to the overall project cost if done in two steps.

    Yes, you will need permits, for absolute certainty. I have never known a town that allows a pool to be built without a fence. As a matter of fact, your homeowner's insurance will demand it as a pool is a HUGE liability and the insurance company wants to protect itself, so a fence will be required for safety.

    You will need a pool engineer to determine the details of how much the pool will cost because you are not talking about your typical back yard pool installation. You are talking about creating land where there is none, which requires a highly engineered retaining wall to hold back the land with a pool in it. That is ALOT of weight. There is no way for an average Joe to quote that price because there is too many variables. All I can say is that a typical pool can cost up to $30K. I would not be surprised if the whole job making the land, supporting it with a retaining wall and installing a pool would probably cost near $75K.

    If I were you and I wanted a pool, I would dig up the basketball court and put my pool right there.

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    When the HOLE is dug in the yard for the pool, you will likely have enough dirt to flatten the area around it.

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    If you are talking about an in-ground pool, you simply hire a pool architect. They will figure out how much dirt needs to be move or removed, what retaining walls need to be built, etc. Yes, you will need a building permit from your city or county, and if you belong to an HOA, the HOA will need to approve your designers plans before you start construction. Most municipalities and states have laws regarding whether a private pool needs fencing. You'll just have to research that based on where you live. If there is no hole and no pool on the site, then no fencing would be required on a flat yard.

    How much a pool costs depends on the size of the pool and the construction. People can get a small concrete in-ground pool on flat land for $25-$30K. If you are moving a hill, building retaining walls, and or creating a fancy features it can run in the hundreds of thousands. A tiny fiberglass pool might be $8K. Any all of that doesn't include the maintenance, cover, and increased liability insurance you'll need.

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    You can call a pool installer and they will come out and give you an estimate. You are gonna have to have a fence around it for insurance reasons unless your backyard is already fenced, yes you will have to have a permit for an in ground pool but not an above ground pool. Cost all depends on what you want in a pool, size, depth, length, liner or tile type, etc

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    a general or pool contractor will be happen to sell you on more than you can afford. I suggest getting three quotes and make sure they are for the same size and quality of work. Most communities require a child proof fence, but only after the hole is dug for the pool or an above ground pool installed. And yes -- you will need a building permit, so the town has to know.

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    There are too many unknowns. Like where would you put the dirt you removed, where are your utility lines, is there any rock, can big equipment get back there like a big loader and dump trucks, how many cubic yards of excavation are you talking about. But anyway, talk to the swimming pool people about moving the hill to put it a pool. They have landscape designers that can handle this, and they have construction equipment that can dig out swimming pools.

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    1. You need to hire a contractor.

    2. Thousands of dollars

    3. If you live in a property where it is fence-less, I don't see why not?

    4. Thousands of dollars.

    5. Depends on the size of your property

    6. Sure, if you want to host a pool party.

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