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What can I do about my job?

I was pulled from work about 14 weeks ago for medical/mental health reasons. I went through counselling and was released to return to work on the 3rd of June. Then due to bering told not to return to work because things were still being reviewed I got a second opinion and was released to return to work on the 15th of July. Once again I was told the same thing.

I contacted the HR manager of Change Health Care and was told they were reviewing information of the health care provider and the client that we work for. Which is the Hospital Maine Medical Center.

I contacted the hospital and they have no record of anything.


Could the company be retaliating due to complaining that the supervisor was discriminating. She didn't like working with me due to my being a guy. In fact she had made the statement after the interview that she didn't think it would work because all the team were women.

Update 2:

I am still an employee there and I have not yet contacted the client. Of which is where I worked. A Hunch.... Your'e thinking too much.

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    Find someone at the place you used to work, who likes you or knows you well enough that you can request to see him or her and talk about what might be going on. If it looks like you can't get back to work there, file for unemployment compensation and when you do, ask someone there what your rights are about getting back to work after what seems to be a medical leave.

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    Is Change Health Care your employer? If they are, you had no business calling the client company....

    Were you on FMLA, Maine Family Medical Leave or did you have some other job protection that extends past 12 weeks?

    Does Change Health Care have a history of allowing employees to maintain their job even if they never had job protection or the job protection has been exhausted?

    The way it is right now, you have no federal or state job protection. Unless the employer has a history of allowing all employees extended job protection, they don't need to continue holding their job for you.

    Based on the information provided, the company is not very keen about allowing you back into their workforce. You should be looking for another job.

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