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How do I deal with a small dog that barks at strangers?

Hi guys, my family and I have a 3 year old shih tzu/bichon mix that barks incessantly at people walking by our house or other dogs walking by the house. It is extremely difficult to take him on walks because the moment he sees a stranger he starts barking at them and tugging his leash and ultimately starts choking himself. How can I train him to be quiet when he is barking? It is extremely difficult to bring people over because he just doesn t shut up and scares guests with his barking and even nips at them every now and then.

What can be done?

Thanks to all you guys for your help!

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  • Maxi
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    5 months ago

    'Dealing with' means training, sounds like this 3yr old has never been anywhere near a dog training class, never been socialised, is not walking daily and has been allowed a space where it can watch for people/dogs walking passed and allowed to bark at them without correction. This dog is resource guarding and because sometimes the barking doesn't work is now starting to nip........ you 'deal' with it by correcting it, by giving it enough daily consistant dog walking, by booking dog training and if after 3-4 weeks calling in an animal behaviourist to advice you about what you need to do to change this what sounds like an under exercised, under socialised . uncorrected and not trained dog which is using its excess energy to resourse guard and bark

  • 5 months ago

    You train it not to

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