Any moms struggle with postpartum depression?

7 weeks postpartum and I’m having a hard time loving the way my body looks I don’t regret my son or anything like that it’s just having a hard time loving myself again and my body me and my boyfriend haven’t had sex and since I had the baby we barely had sex when I was pregnant cause it hurt even with lube it hurt but now I’m afraid to have sex cause I’m afraid it going to hurt and I don’t feel ready also my family keeps telling me to have sex with him but I just don’t feel ready too I just haven’t been the same mentally please don’t judge me my boyfriend is also having a hard time waiting I still try to satisfy him in other ways but he just really wants sex

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  • LizB
    Lv 7
    6 months ago

    At 7 weeks postpartum your body is still healing. While much of your healing will take place in the first few months, it takes about a year for your body to fully recover from pregnancy and birth. Have some patience with yourself.

    Why is your family getting an opinion about how often you have sex with your boyfriend, though? That's a private relationship issue they shouldn't even know about! Also your boyfriend can wait JUST FINE, he simply doesn't want to. You are not his personal masturbatory aid, and if you don't want to have sex than don't. Forcing yourself to do it just to make him happy will make you resent him and want sex even less.

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