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Is it possible to give birth to a 3 or 4 pound baby when I’m barely showing ?

I went for my NST scan & appointment yesterday and baby girl has a super strong heartbeat and she was active. My doctor still thinks my belly is small for being one week shy of full term. Baby girl was weighing at 3lbs 9oz two weeks ago and her fluid is been at 38 percent which my doctor and ultrasound tech said is great.

But my belly is still small. Is it possible to give birth to a 3 in a half pound baby or 4 pound baby? Without even showing that much? I’m not even getting stretch marks.

I go Monday to see a specialist to check her cord / placenta. If baby has less fluid do they move a lot still or save their strength for their organ function?

Im worried to give birth to a small baby even though I’m small. The idea of leaving my daughter in the NICU for days weeks or months breaks my heart. Any advice?

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  • MissA
    Lv 7
    5 months ago

    If your baby is due the 20th of august you are not one week preterm. You are one month preterm. The baby gains a great deal of weight during that last month.

    • Lee5 months agoReport

      She thinks since my belly is still small that baby isn’t gaining weight that she maybe losing weight

  • Anonymous
    5 months ago

    Just a word of advise. My NST scan claim that I was going to have a 5-6 lbs baby. I ended up having a 8lbs 10oz baby.

    If your baby is 3-4lbs don't worry everything is healthy

    • Lv 4
      5 months agoReport

      interesting anecdote; also, maybe try remain calm & relaxed: month nine has lots of growing! Avoid hurrying,strenuous activity,strenuous stairclimbing,avoid frenetic automobile rides or rides with frenetic hurried drivers or bumps!! have good nutrition, etc, and so increase liklihood of full term

  • Anonymous
    5 months ago

    You are almost full term. This means the baby should be ready to breath and function outside your body and if birth weight is the only issue, it shouldn't mean time in the NICU.

    As long as the baby is healthy and breathing and can take a bottle or breast, then weight alone is usually not a reason to keep them in NICU.

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