ovulation pain but not ovulating ?

i was taking BC pills for just 1 month & STOPPED when i got my period early this month ! it's CD16 , still negative opk ! i started testing CD11 . last few days i had thin clear watery discharge , my side ( near ovaries ) aches from one to another & i've had mild cramps like in on my period . so i have symptoms of ovulation but according to the tests i'm not ovulating ! this app says my O day was yesterday , i had s*x last night & this morning . any ladies have this experience ?

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  • 6 months ago

    Try not to stress about it babe, sometimes stress can delay it by a day, an hour, a week! - take the stress away and try and not think of the app...

    Ovulation usually takes place anywhere from 10-16 days from the day of your last period. They say you should have sex every other day in this window to potentially conceive.

    Some women some months only have a few hour a month ovulation period due to many factors, stress, sickness, cold, antibiotics, drinking!

    Your body won’t function properly if something else is going on... perhaps buy some more sticks, and do one everyday for the 6 day window and get ready to run! - I’ve just conceived after a while trying, the apps stressed me out, I ended up giving up with the sticks and BOOM... pregnant!

    Good luck x

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