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What do you think about Bray Wyatt being booked as a mid-card talent against Finn Bálor?

Bálor was just facing Bobby Lashley in a subpar WWE Intercontinental championship feud, now WWE has booked Wyatt one of the hottest commodities on the show against Finn.

Here is an idea, have Wyatt appear in the battle royal and win to face Lesnar and win. Put a fckin' rocket on the guy finally and push him to the moon!


Like good for WWE finally pushing Big E. [spoiler he should be in Kingston's position on Smackdown!, none the less] but booking Wyatt against Bálor is doomed to failure.

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    I agree that Bray Wyatt should gets a push. I wasn't a huge fan of him, but the guy had great mic skills, and could put on a good matches, if giving the opportunity, time. I remember not too long ago that he had a excellent match with Daniel Bryan, and some people were even saying it was the best ppv match of the year, in WWE. Bray Wyatt is a really good talent.

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    Right now, WWE is putting the same wrestlers and making them fight over and over again. We already saw Balor vs Wyatt at SummerSlam two years ago, I never thought I would see it again.

    But the feud was abruptly ended by Wyatt having that illness going off to their blowjo--- uh, I mean blowoff match in TLC 2017 where it would've seen The Demon taking on Wyatt using sister Abagail's energy after Wyatt lost most of their series of matches.

    So maybe WWE would reference that and have the latter fact be a motivater in having Wyatt pick on Finn again and even continue the feud by having The Demon vs Wyatt and the energy of sister Abagail. But maybe they won't because they want to put over Wyatt but not bury Finn's Demon by having him pick up his first loss as that persona to him.

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    Bray's current gimmick doesn't need a world title. While I'm not thrilled about WWE putting him in another program with Finn that will most likely lead to more cringe dual personality segments, this current iteration of Bray doesn't need a title if they book him well. Hopefully Bray will dispatch of Finn quickly and then move on to a bigger program. As much as I like Finn, I'm fine with him being sacrificed at the alter of a successful high profile return for Bray Wyatt.

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    Finn will be taking a couple months off after Summerslam so Bray will likely beat the demon then and that should finally be the start of his push

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