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Would you date someone who had terrible grammar and spelling?

I'm not talking about if they're foreign and English is their second language. They get everything wrong and misuse their/there/they're. Adding apostrophes for plurals. Spelling 'grate' instead of 'great'. Writing 'always' as 'all ways'.

My friend says it would be a deal breaker. What do you think? What if they're a great person. We haven't been on a date yet. We started talking yesterday and he seems really nice.

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  • If he’s content with his horrible grammar and spelling then he better be content with me correcting him a lot. I’m getting angry just reading about it. I hate it when people send texts filled with typos.

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    What does it matter? Have him use spell check

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    I'm married, but going back to the time when I was single, I wouldn't date anyone who wasn't pursuing a college or university degree. So that sort of addresses the problem of terrible grammar and spelling.

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