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I'm a Teen and have no Social Media presence ( Does it matter )?

I'm going to college next year ( 2020 ) and the reason i asked this question is that does it really matter if I have a Social Media presence or not. For my explanation i just think that it's literally useless and idiotic to sit to at one place and ( chat , browse , stalk or whatever ) - REPEAT for hours yea even spending small amount of time on it doesn't actually mean your controlling it that just means your pretty distracted from your actual productive work even if i spend 15 mins every hour for next 9 hrs that means in total that's

2 . 15 Hrs of time doesn't that sound idiotic ofc i may control it but the thing with me and Social - Media is that it doesn't interest me but that ofc has nothing to do with me being Anti -Social like most social media addicts say to me yea i can see that how social your that you can't have enough sleep and your so cool that you stick to your phone whole day.

I'm always happy and curious to meet people especially in my line of interests so I'm very likely more social than Social - Media users ( at least those close to me ) because i spend my time on me and developing myself rather than developing my FAKE digital life i choose to grow in REAL FCKN WORLD.

So will it affect me in my college life if i have no social media presence and if yes then in what ways?


Also taking unnecessary photos of food rather than enjoying it. By pulling you into their personal matters

( Like i fckin care ) , LIES of course social media without LIES cannot exist.

Especially girls what's the matter the with you girls why the hell do you escape or back up when i tell you that i'm not any social media.

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    No social media is worthless I'm a sophomore in college and theres never a circumstance where I needed it any more than the ability to text.

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    Well. It honestly doesn't matter.

    However, there are plenty of boys/girls your age or even younger who already have an extremely strong following on these platforms.

    Heck Facebook wasn't even open to the public until after I had already graduated high school.

    These days, children are able to connect to basically everyone in their state on it, and they are empowered through educational programs in meeting people.

    You should become somewhat concerned if you aren't very well liked on social networks.

    However, almost every single person I know that has those huge followings have developed extreme problems with reality perceptions.

    Most people that have this social networking strength use those programs far too often.

    It also tends to give young people the impression that they're better than everybody else.

    Ultimately, it doesn't matter how popular that you are online. However, this could be directly tied to success.

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  • Mark M
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    7 months ago

    You are better off with out embarrassing photos. Focus on your classwork, real people,

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  • marty
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    7 months ago

    You will be successful and not have to worry about what childish things done on social media coming back on you. You're smarter than most your age

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    7 months ago

    You are already my favorite social media personality. Keep it up.

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