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I need help helping my boyfriend lose weight.?

My boyfriend is 19 y/o, 6’2” , and weighs about 225-230 lbs. He lives near a gym but barely has time to go because of work (cook in the US Army). He loooooooves to eat. For example, we went out to eat one day and he ordered two meals and a shake & was still a little hungry afterwards. My question is how do I help him lose weight & I guess somewhat decrease his appetite?

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    Exercise DOES NOTHING for weight loss. I need to convince the world of this stupid notion. So, UNLESS you are doing stuff ALL DAY LONG...which nobody but ATHLETES do...then STOP with that nonsense.

    The only way to lose weight is to EAT WHATEVER YOU WANT TO EAT...just stop at a daily limit. So, if you want to eat cookies and cake and ice cream and candy and pizza...fine...just STOP when you hit that daily limit. If you eat whatever you want...then YOU HAVE ZERO CRAVINGS...which can clearly be an issue for most people.

    1200-1500 calories a day. Less if you can not be hungry. Tell him to drink a glass of WATER before eating.

    Just COUNT the calories FOR him. HE HAS TO WANT TO can't make him do a damn thing.

    Muscle also weighs THREE TIMES as much as a given volume of fat. So...find out his body fat percentage.

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    You can't. Your boyfriend needs to own this. First, he has to decide that he wants to improve his eating habits and lose weight. Then he needs to acknowledge that he is a chronic overeater. He is probably using food as a coping mechanism for stress the same way other people may use drugs or alcohol. He isn't physically hungry -- he is emotionally hungry. He gets pleasure and comfort form the biochemical reaction of the foods he eat and the hormones his body produces as a result of eating.

    You can try to help by working together to learn more about better food choices, emotional eating, and appropriate portion control BUT, until he is willing to deal with this issues he is likely to be resentful.

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