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Is a .25 cal spring air rifle asking to much for a spring rifle?

Should I get a .25 cal spring air gun for general small game hunting (birds, squirrels, coons, ect) and pest control? Is this asking too much for a spring gun? Should I get a PCP gun in staid? .25 is much bigger than .22 and .177 so would a spring .25 be inefficient in terms of performance?

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    The spring assist sort of guns have the lowest of muzzle energy.

    The Daisy lever a good example.

    The more powerful are the gas charged sort, CO2 is:

    Next up is pump air compress. Most common civilian are .177 and .22.

    High end military uses. .25 and .32 for silent sniper shooting.

    The springers, maybe very small game under 100 foot range.

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    .25 caliber springer?

    I would not.

    To have a good selection of pellets, and a reasonably flat trajectory. You need at least 40ft-lbs of muzzle energy.

    There have only been a handful of springers ever built capable of around 30ft-lbs.


    The vast majority of springers used for hunting purposes deliver between 15ft-lbs and 25

    For these guns, the pellet selection would be limited and the trajectory poor.

    A poor trajectory increases the difficulty of good shot placement.

    My general rule of thumb for springers is, under 20ft-lbs of muzzle energy, go with the .177

    over 20ft-lbs go with a .22

    For small game and pest birds a 15ft-lb rifle is just fine.

    For raccoon, IMO, it's best to use(minimum) a 25ft-lb rifle, and keep the range short.

    If you really want a .25 caliber

    I suggest the Benjamin Marauder.

    The Marauder allows you to dial the power up(to around 65ft-lbs) and down for

    when you don't require so much power.

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    Not so much a caliber question as it is a propellant question.

    If you have the funds, Quackenbush makes air rifles that bring down large game.

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