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Round ligament pain?

I’m 6 months pregnant and have extreme pain on my left side. It’s not on my abdomen it’s directly on my left side. It’s a constant pain and feels like a deep sharp stabbing pain... I went to the ER and was told it’s probably just round ligament pain and to take some Tylenol and go home... this is my 4th night having this pain and I can barely sleep it’s so painful. I can’t go to my primary dr until Tuesday but I am miserable!!! Have any other pregnant woman had this problem? Does it even sound pregnancy related? Some of the pain is relieved in a warm shower but that’s it... i have tried a pregnancy pillow, adjusting to certain positions, drinking lots of fluids, Tylenol, a pregnancy belt.... NOTHING is helping???

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    I’d get it looked at but I had that pain too

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