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Van dwellers, I need help with my setup.?

I'm interested in van life but I'm still constructing the visual layouts in my head. I think I can make the build myself, however, I will get a professional to do the electric part. I have 3 100 watt renogy monocrystaline solar panels and a 30 amp pwm charge controller. I also have a renogy 500 watt inverter and an agm deep cycle 125 ah battery. Is this enough to run fans, mini fridge, and other accessories? How long do you think it would last for? When I've used up all the energy or whatever, does it just recharge back up overtime or do I have to replace everything?

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    12 months ago

    You could run most electronics, you cannot heat or cool but a fan would be more than enough in the evening most places. You can have plenty of LED light. You can find out the wattage of most articles and see how it adds up. Not everything needs to be on at once. You should make provisions for grid-tie. Whoever you plug into may get a credit.

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