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Blood sugar question?

My grandmother is 73 and has dementia and diabetes. Shes not supposed to take novalog at bed time or any insulin. Her blood sugar was 185 but last time she took insulin at night she nearly died from low blood sugar. She got upset because I didn’t let her take insulin (doctor said to not let her) and checking her sugar after it was 233. My grandfather said to give her 5 units of novalog. I did that. Can she die? Will it bring her sugar down? Will it go down too low?

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    Normal range is 80-120

    Eating one hour ago and checking my blood sugar reading ,would it be normal if 204 blood sugar reading

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  • Shay
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    6 months ago

    Just 5 units shouldn't make it go too low from a reading of 233.

    Her levels will go down but should not go low enough to cause a dangerous low.

    If you are concerned, then check her levels in a few hours even if it disturbs her sleep.

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