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Why are people still racist?

One of my peers had a thesis defense today and because everyone was welcomed to attend, I went to see how it was like. When I walked into the room, there was the student, supervisor, and two other people huddled together talking something. I said hi to each of them, but they didn't say anything. I then said I'll come back later when it is actually starting time. Two extra people then showed up and so I walked in with them. The supervisor immediately said hi to them and ignored me when I piped in a cheerful tone that I'm here to listen too. I hope it wasn't because I'm a student of color. The only question the supervisor asked me a few minutes later was if so and so would be sitting where. How would I know?


Yes, we were all strangers. Not sure why the prof said hi to the strangers but not me.

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    Probably. @ Student of color. Depends on the topic discussed and where you're located. Some parts of the US are still stuck in segregated days. And thanks more so to Trumps racist campaigns. He may not have meant to come off racist, but the general behaviors in America changed because of it.

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    So much fun to watch out on

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    Because they can still be against racism.

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    hmm hard to say if they ignored you because of racism or they didn't know you

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