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Why does people think they can live on mars when the low gravity can result in serious health problems?

People needs to think of what would it be like to live on a low gravity planet when in a couple of months the low gravity would cause them to turn to dust.

They would loose bone mass and slowly deteriorate

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    Same as living in space ships, plus the radiation. It's not going to happen. People just assume things they saw in movies are real.

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    LIVING there isn't what's being considered. It's the scientific research (short term for people) that the Mars missions are focusing on.

  • Zirp
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    5 months ago

    because they like fairytales, and it seems so do you.

    Yes, people on mars would lose bone-density and muscle-mass, but they wouldn't "turn to dust". Some astronauts/kosmonauts have stayed in zero-gravity conditions for months

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    5 months ago

    We cannot live on Mars. It has virtually no atmosphere and therefore not enough oxygen. The radiation level is high and one can get cancer quickly being exposed to so much radiation. There is not enough water and no food. The temperatue difference is too high between night and day. People would need to live in a bubble or capsule to survive. Mars is so far that it costs too much to keep bringing food to the planet from earth. Compared to Venus, Mercury, Jupiter and Saturn, however, it is a lot more livable.

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