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What do you think of my online review about my leasing office?

I would like to post this on Yelp or an online review place for the building I lived in:

I got pushed into the fire pit here by another resident, and he continued to live here. My friend was there and called the police once she saw my hair catch on fire, and they recorded it as assault with serious injuries. I got deep second degree burns on my arm and had to wait to be cleared for no surgery/skin graft. I was very lucky that the injuries were not worse and that my face wasn’t burnt, considering I fell on my side. I asked for video footage the day after the incident, and the first person in leasing who was first to see the video told me there is clear footage of me being pushed in, my hair catching on fire, that is not absolutely not OK, and he should be evicted.

A few weeks later, I get a letter from management at my door, explaining they reviewed footage more and changed their mind because the other resident also complained (maybe because he saw the police called on him, me fall into the fire, and burns all over my arm?). There was no mention of him pushing me in the letter, but rather what happened is that I “rolled in” after dancing near him. This is clearly a lie, considering the first person to see the video said you can see him push me in, and I felt him push me hard enough to go into the fire pit. My witness also saw my hair catch on fire when I was a distance away from him. I later on ended up getting a 60 day notice to leave.


There was someone else on my floor who got a 60 day notice after getting second degree burns in the pool. He complained online about the building blaming him for a pool allergy, when you can clearly see in pictures peoples clothes got bleached. They will give you an eviction notice, are dishonest, and blame you if you get injured on the property to try to place the liability on you vs. themselves (and in my case I could have died). How would I know the resident's intent?

Update 2:

My lawyer and a police investigator contacted them repeatedly about releasing video footage, and they refused to show it to anyone, even myself, to this day. They told me it’s for privacy reasons when it’s literally a video of myself (lol). Sounds similar to the person who wrote they got their jacket stolen on the roof, and when she asked for video for the police, they said it was out of service.

Update 3:

If I was in the wrong and they gave me a lease violation based on the video I requested, why can’t they just show it to me to prove it? If I was harassing this person as he claimed, why did they not just release the video to absolve themselves from any liability? Probably because that’s not what happened. It will not surprise me if the video mysteriously disappears. Regardless, I had a witness, a police report, and injuries. It sounds like there is a pattern here.

Update 4:

Their mishandling of my situation and others is so absurd, that I was glad to move out at that point, and not have to deal with the anxiety of being around leasing and this other resident. It is a business, but there are so many businesses that fail because of such negligence. Hiding evidence in this situation just made them look super shady. It is still people's home, and people should feel safe in their home.

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    Admittedly, i read the first few lines and skipped the rest (started to sound like too much drama). Criminal matters between you and another resident are resolved through the legal system. If she was charged with assault with serious harm, it sounds as if the legal system has things in the works. If she still poses a threat to you, you can seek a restraining order against her. If that restraining order prevents her from continuing to live there, then that's how you force her to move out.

    You can't expect the apartment manager to come in and be the police for you. That's not their business.

  • 5 months ago

    Fiction writing is a BAD career choice for you. If ANY of this REMOTELY resembled the truth, the COURT ORDER for any and all security recordings would have trumped any request you made.

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