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What caused the downfall of WCW wrestling?

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  • Candle
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    There were a lot of factors that made it a money pit that Ted Turner constantly through millions into, and there were a lot of bad creative directions, but the true death knell was the Turner/AOL merger. Flat out, AOL didn't want wrestling on their programming regardless to if it got ratings or drew money. Luckily for them, WCW gave AOL a slew of reasons to scrap the promotion. Word was that Bischoff tried to get investors involved in buying the company, but McMahon swooped in and took it for a relative steal. Even if Bischoff had gotten WCW, there's plenty of proof from promotions like XWF, WWA, and even NWA-TNA that Eric was never going to get a major market television company to back him and give him a prime time slot. Wrestling as a whole was on a popularity decline, and as prior mentioned WCW wasn't the most financially stable promotion in the world, and Bischoff had a lot to do with that.

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    Eric Bischoff and Hulk Hogan.

  • Hulk Hogan And His Big Fat Ego Also Eric Bischoff

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  • Uzaif
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    5 months ago

    Bad Wrestling and Inside Political plague.

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    The Turner/AOL Merger since they wanted nothing to do with Wrestling. Hope AEW doesn't suffer the same fate.

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    Ted Turner was a big supporter of WCW, but when Time Warner took over, they never saw it is a money maker and so let it die a lingering death.

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    Hulk Hogan and his creative control clause keeping him on top, which buried sports entertainers who could have been the future

    • Brock5 months agoReport

      Austin had the same creative control during the Attitude Era. He kept putting himself on top. Remember he refused to put Lesnar over.

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