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Why don't they make a 2 way radio that you place on your ear rather than having to buy a wirey headset?

Two way radios, or commonly referred to as walkie talkies, gmrs/frs radios, all usually comes with an adapter for a wired headset, which is very hard to maneuver as you have a talk piece in the middle wire down to your belt where your 2 way radio is and an earpiece. If your two way radio supports vox you might be in luck if your headset supports it.

Why don't they make an one sided ear muff headphone with a 2 way radio built into it and a small microphone sticking out. All you would have to do then is press the button on the ear muff which would enable VOX and talk to someone on the other hand.

It should also contain a Bluetooth to phone capability so you can use it as a Bluetooth headset in addition.

Why don't they do thinks like This instead of complicate the situation?

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    Read some magazines on motorcycle accessories

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    The transmitting power of a walkie talkie or 2 way radio requires more physical space because of heat buildup caused by the higher wattage transmitter demands. You would not want that strong RF power close to your ear or head

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    "They?" Who is this "they"?

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    If it could be done, it would already have been done.

    And if you want a "radiation" problem, you are asking for a BIG one.

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    They do. You've been watching too many old films. Oh, and televisions generally are flat now.

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