Coffee stand ideas?

I’m going to open a coffee stand I’m trying to keep a 25,000$ loan budget, but there is already 3 coffee shops in my town (population about 6,000) it’s not the biggest town so obviously I’ll have some competition. I was seeing if anyone had unique ideas to give me a little upper hand on getting started. I thought about being open on sundays since none of the other coffee shops are open on sundays, but lll definitely need one day a week off, so I’m not sure if I’d like to do that. I also considered serving hybrid coffee drinks but I’m still looking into that since I’m not sure if I’m going to have a sit down area yet or just a drive through. Also I thought about doing a topless Tuesday, (the baristas will have pasties or bikinis, ect.) but I also considered how it might negatively effect my business since it’s a small town and not everyone might not like the idea, but I thought it could work since no one in the area does anything like that. Sooo anyone else got any cool ideas ??

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  • John
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    5 months ago

    You have far to go. Are you a coffee expert or do you just want to sell some? Do you know what peaberry means, without searching?

  • DEBS
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    5 months ago

    Location is very important. Figure out one better than the existing one to get the most traffic.

    I don't know anything about your town, but being open Sunday could be a good thing since you'd have no competition then. If you can figure out what you slowest day is and Sunday makes more money, they make that your day off instead.

    Other than that, you're looking at customer service, quality of the product, and promotions to get people in the door. People go to a certain coffee place because it is convenient first as they're typically in a hurry.

  • 5 months ago

    Ditch the skimpy clothing is a non-starter and likely your local government will not give you a permit. Not to mention driving away the vast majority of your customers (not family friendly, etc.). Dumbest idea I have heard yet. Get a sitting area, stock a few newspapers (sell them) so people can sit around and relax (especially on Sunday). Serve light snacks (doughnuts, pastries, breakfast sandwiches, etc.). Provide wi-fi

  • Jay
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    5 months ago

    Go to the Fiverr site and get a business plan for a cafe and read it.

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  • 5 months ago

    If there are children figured into that 6,000 population (there are) then you would likely be trying to pull clients off the maybe 1,500 consumer base who would occasionally utilize coffee stands. Divided by 3... they had a potential base of possibly 500. Divided by 4 (unless you put someone out of business) gives a maximum expectancy of 375 loyal customers, pulled from the competition, most of whom would be occasional to the level of, maybe, weekly, maybe less. Some folks pull through twice a day but those are not a given potential base. Can your business survive on that? We have 5 coffee stands in the town I live in and they all do a good business pulling from a 32,000 population base.

    You might be able to pull well over your share and even put a couple other stands out of business but it you have to go topless in order to do so... I think that's a very short-term plan! My guess is that it will backfire on you. But I don't know where you live. In my town, you'd likely be shut down before the first shift was over.

    I'm just curious as to how a population of only 6,000 can already support 3 coffee stands. Minus kids, minus over 1/2 adults who don't drink coffee, minus the 1/3 of those who'd never go to a coffee stand..... you've got a very small base to build your business on. You'd need a very loyal one.... people who USED to be loyal to one of the existing stands.

    Cool ideas might help. But so will looking realistically at statistics. How is the competition doing?

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    5 months ago

    I have always had this idea but I guess i will never get around to it. I had an idea for a place to be called (The Coffee "Nut")..where instead of nasty syrups i would use real nuts with my coffee..1 crushed hazelnut is enough to flavor a whole cup of coffee..but its not enough to brew the coffee with the crushed nuts i with the need to boil the water with the nuts in it..then make the coffee with that nutty water...this can be done with any nuts..with almond, hazelnut and cashew being the strongest flavors

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