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Grandfather paradox is meaningless since time has a rate of flow?

If a person traveled to 1963 and changed something the result of his change will Never reach 2019 at all. Since 2019 moves away to the future at the same rate 1963 is moving to the future.

Time has a rate of flow. Assume the rate of flow of time in 2019 suddenly decreased compared to 1963. This will enable changes in 1963 to reach 2019 but it might take thousands of years in real time for this change to creep to 2019 depending on the difference in time rate of flow.

The most rational assumption is that there is only one timeline. This timeline has an ambient rate of flow of time. This rate of flow of time can be changed yet it is mostly a constant.

A person who will travel backwards in time will need first to change the rate of flow of time inside a vessel to be negative compared with the ambient rate of flow of time. Inside the vessel there will be another vessel which will have a rate of flow of time negative to the initial one thus negating the effect of flow of time on the person while keeping it working compared to the ambient rate of flow of time outside. This will enable a time traveller to travel to the past instantly.

While a time traveller can travel instantly his vessel will actually experience the whole difference in time.

Once the time traveller reach 1963 and change something this change should never alter the future if the ambient rate of flow of time is constant. If there is a slight difference this change will creep to the future.

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    i like that rate of flow could help Legends of tomorrow explain why some timelines stick and others do not...But even if it took thousands of years it would seem like an instant to the person in the future...still i could see some interesting things arise from this kind of time travel...a book or a movie

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    Time really does NOT have a rate of flow. It can be flexed and twisted. Space has proven that.

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    The Grandfather Paradox cant happen because PARADOXES cannot happen. You cant be in New York and Chicago at the same time.. What happens in the present, if we try to create a Paradox?---NOTHING, the same thing across time. The Grandfather Paradox is something that is OVERTHOUGHT beyond its possibility.

    You cannot cut your own timeline--otherwise you would not be there to do it, Indeed, you would not be able to do ANYTHING that would result in a Change of your time of embarking on your trip to the past. --or you would not be there to do it. Would we switch in and out of existence?, no we would simply not be able to carry out any act that threatens to cut or alter our timeline.---It would seem like some kind of "force" were holding us back from pulling the trigger, for instance, of from saying certain words or even walking down certain streets.

    But it really isn't a "force" but LACK of force. keeping us from doing something. We would not be able to pull the gun trigger beyond a certain critical point---(or we would not have been there to begin with) so instead of progressing or disappearing, NOTHING happens.

    It's like in a real world example with an electric electromagnetic switch---Where one of the COIL wires is wired through the normally Closed contact. You can ask what happens when the normally open contact is closed, but it wont happen---as once the coil is energized, it turns itself off before the switch bar can react the normally open contact---The switch just sits there and vibrates as long as it is energized.-----You will find you CAN fire the gun, so long as you do NOT have it pointed at your grandfather, but point it in that direction and there is no energy from you available to pull it through.

    So there is no Grandfather Paradox, as one could not do anything that threatens to effectively "Turn ones self "off". -----

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    slow down there , you are having profound revelations from an overdose of pot .

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    seems that "time is a measure of biological-growth.

    biology is the science that encompasses chemistry and physics, yet is a science itself.

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    A different dimension. If there are more than 4 dimensions then, time sort of loses meaning, and therefore no paradox.

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    where to start...

    well, first off, you are thinking of time in numbers, which is a common mistake.

    think about it: there are no numbers in the sky, or in nature anywhere. time as a physical construct (clocks and calendars) is a man-made thing. we based it on our planet's rotation around the Sun, but that doesn't mean that if the Earth's rotation or orbit were reversed, time would reverse. time, as you speak of it, has no numerological base.

    secondly, if you were to go to a previous point in time, changing an event that had previously occured, or creating a NEW event, the results of said event would happen IMMEDIATELY. so things would already have changed. not JUST the future. the past, and present would be changed right then and there.

    if at one point you had taken the 3rd glass, and i pop in and take the 3rd glass, you cannot very well take it after, can you? logical progression is sometimes hard to track, but it is irrefutable...

  • A discussion of pigs flying would be more meaningful, because it's more likely to happen than time travel.

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      Flying pigs is already possible. I have patented the idea. But the EPA banned it on environmental grounds. The effluent reaching the earth is a health hazard.
      They also banned my patent for running cars on water too.

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