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How long does it take to get CCTV?

My car was damaged in an underground car park 7 days ago, I reported it to police and was told they'd request CCTV, I made contact with them today and was told they haven't been given the CCTV yet. I went back to the car park to look for cameras a couple of days after the incident and could only see one at the entrance/exit with a very small sign saying CCTV monitored area, what are the chances of getting useful CCTV?

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  • Bruce
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    12 months ago

    There are a lot of variables.

    Most importantly, they are not required to release the video without a court order. That would require probable cause that the video would show evidence of a crime. If the only camera is at the entrance, then it will not identify the suspect.

    Even if they agree to release the video, there is no standard for how long they save video. It could be recorded over by now.

    • STEVEN F
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      12 months agoReport

      While you are LEGALLY correct in the US, the question is from the UK. You are FACTUALLY incorrect about recording over the video, because physical tapes haven't been used for the purpose in years. The DIGITAL recording may have been deleted, but not recorded over.

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